Thursday, February 11, 2010

Deric Ruttan & Doc Walker

Speaking of the best days of your life...

Last night was the Deric Ruttan and Doc Walker concert. I had the most amazing time. I went there loving a few songs, liking a few others. But I got there and just found myself mezmerized by it all. Just the way they seemed to be enjoying it so much, how great they sounded. I loved the little jokes. And the way the guitarist from Doc Walker was smiling the entire time they were on stage. It was all amazing.

Deric Ruttan

Doc Walker

I guess it made a difference that the theatre was small, so this was my first time going to a concert where I could see the performers themselves, not just on a screen.

But I left there a bigger fan of both.

I got to meet Deric Ruttan. He signed a picture of himself for me, then took pictures with me, Sarah and her sister. He only the second music artist that I've met, but that's all it took for me to know he's definitely one of the nice ones. He asked my name right away, shook my hand, asked how to spell my name when he signed the picture, asked us all if we went to the concert in Cavendish over the summer (where he performed) last year. Just little things like that, that he really didn't have to do. That the other country artist I met definitely didn't do.

Since last night I just can't get enough of Doc Walker and Deric Ruttan songs.

It didn't even kill my good mood when I locked my keys in my running car afterwards.

My favorite songs that they played:

  • Doc Walker - Beautiful Life, Sweet Caroline (by Neil Diamond), I'm Gonna Make You Love Me, Coming Home
  • Deric Ruttan - California Plates, Unbeatable, Good Time

I would've been there for their second show tonight if I could have. It would definitely be worth the money a second time.

Me and Deric Ruttan

The three of us with Deric Ruttan

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