Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Change

It happens so quick, that you don't even notice for days or even weeks. 

One day you have this adorable, helpless little newborn. You forget what it's like to eat and sleep, because you're too busy making sure your baby does. You almost miss doing the dishes, because it's been so long since you've had time to do them. You don't remember what it's like to shower and put on decent clothes. You forget you ever had favorite tv shows. 

It starts slowly. All of a sudden you don't have to rush through making baby bottles while the baby cries. 

You watch a little tv before bed. 

Soon you're struggling through the day without any kind of nap. 

You take the baby out shopping by yourself, and no tears are shed by either of you the entire time. 

Then one day you wake up and she's 5 months old and you finally remember what it feels like to have time to be bored. 

You watch your favorite shows again. You have your breakfasts together. She plays happily in her high chair while you do the dishes. More of the day is spent smiling and playing instead of whining and crying. You sometimes feel a little disappointed when it's already her bedtime. 

Suddenly you can't believe how amazing life is. 


SG to SP said...

Sounds like you've settled into a nice little routine. We're still trying to figure ours out and with only a few hours each night after work to get it all done it's still very tiring.

Sean Marie said...

I'm glad life is getting better! Natalie seems to be doing the opposite and getting fussier.

Baby Sister said...

Awww, how cute. :) This was a fun post.

Nicole J @ Pampers & Pumps said...

Aww Ness this is so cute! I loved how you ended this post :)



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