Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is my V. Day

Happy Vday.

Where 'V' stands for 'Venassa'

... and the baby doesn't wake up three times through the night

... and my day doesn't start at 7am

... and I don't have dreams about people being shot

... and I get to have pizza for supper


Well, at least I get to have pizza for supper.

Happy 'buy me flowers and chocolates' day to the rest of you!


a. said...

I like the sounds of V-day stands for Venassa's day! I would be shocked if I got flowers because years ago I said i dont want flowers for valentines because society tells you to get them, I want you to want to get me flowers haha

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

AWESOME...you totally made me smile. And holy cow, I want that pizza now!!

Baby Sister said...

Pizza is awesome. I hope you had a good flower and chocolate day. :)



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