Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amazing people in my life

People are amazing. Sometimes we get caught up in the hate, the gossip, the drama and forget. But I've been reminded constantly lately how amazing people are. 

Like my Mom, who always seems to sense when I'm the most stressed out and tells me to come stay at her place for a couple of nights. Mom, who will sleep on the pull-out couch to stay with Chloe so I can get a full night's sleep alone in the spare room. Mom's who's bought me so many things I've needed lately but couldn't afford. Mom who stayed with us when I got out of the hospital and took care of Chloe, cooked meals, bought groceries, did the dishes, scrubbed floors and made my recovery so much easier. 

And Chloe's other grandmother who is very nice about babysitting when I need her help. 

And there's my grandfather - who can't speak very many coherent words, but still his face lights up every time he sees me and Chloe. My grandfather who made it clear that he wants to buy us a stroller for Christmas because we don't have one yet. 

And when I had my toothache and didn't have enough money to cover my emergency appointment, both Mom's boyfriend and my friend S. immediately offered to lend me the money. 

S. who bailed me out when I got my flat tire, the day before my birthday. Who, as a birthday present, fixed all the things wrong with my car. S. who offers to come visit just to do my dishes and help me clean when I feel like I can't keep up. S. who altered Chloe's Halloween costume so she'd have something that fit. S. who's helped me out so much lately that I can't even begin to list it all. 

A. who, without me asking, got in contact with a nurse to find out what to do if Chloe didn't poop when I switched her to formula, and immediately called to tell me what they said. A, who lives too far away to physically be here but lets me know that she would do anything she could.

S. who had all kinds of presents and cards for me and Chloe for my birthday, Halloween, and Chloe's birth.

And C., who is the sister of a friend of mine, who called me yesterday to say they had some baby clothes given to them and thought of me to give them to. 

Yeah, there are a ton of amazing people in my life. My only complaint is that most of them live too far away. 


Sean Marie said...

That is so fortunate that you have such helpful people surrounding you. Your mother is amazing. I wonder if one day you'll be doing the same for little Chloe. My mother in law lives a couple blocks from us and I really hope she doesn't mind babysitting when need be. This is her first grandchild so I think she'll be thrilled to do it.

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Awww your Mom sounds amazing and it definitely seems you surround yourself with quality people and have a great group of friends! That doesn't surprise me because YOU are pretty awesome :)

Baby Sister said...

This made me cry. :) I'm glad you have people around you that love you and help you.



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