Saturday, June 4, 2011

This Charlie will also bite you

A certain little boy is spending the weekend at my place. As you can see, we're going to have our hands full with this crazy boy. 

I asked him yesterday before work "Do you want to go to the park tomorrow and play and let auntie take pictures of you?"

"No thanks."

Umm.. what do you mean 'no'? "You mean you don't want to come to the park and play?"

"Yeah! The park."

Oh, I get it. Just no pictures. Well, too bad. 

My sister got a cat. Its name is Charlie. Adorable, poor little thing. My nephew should not be near animals. The kitten is terrified of him. Whenever nephew picks Charlie up, Charlie has that look on his face - the mixture of pure terror and coming to peace with his own death that he's convinced is coming. I mean, nephew hasn't tried to drown him or light him on fire but petting seems more like hitting and Charlie isn't liking it. 

But isn't Charlie the sweetest? I so want a cat now.


Baby Sister said...

Good luck this weekend. :) Charlie is very cute!!

tyler_fraser said...

adorable kitty!



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