Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Long To-Do List

My To-Do list for now until mid-July has gotten a little long.

- Put in a student loan reminder for October 2011
- Make a list of places with whom I need to change my address when I move
- Call the resort about my cottage reservation
- Change dates for the rooms booked for my baby shower
- Get baby shower invitation covers done
- Get everyone's addresses
- Address envelopes
- Get a bunch of stamps
- Get kabob sticks
- Get self-adhesive felt
- Update registry (boy/girl stuff)
- Print photobooth props on cardstock at work
- Cut out and assemble props
- Get into meeting room ahead of time to test out photobooth set up to save time day of
- Pick up photos at Wal-Mart
- Check on room booked for A + R on July 16
- Buy 3 wooden baby blocks from Michael's ($3 each) + $7 piggy bank
- Decide on colors/theme for baby's room
- Pack up too-small pre-maternity clothes
- Start packing unneeded items for moving
- Get paint to touch up baby's crib
- Completely wash baby crib, dresser, and change table
- Put away money for 3D ultrasound
- Paint my name block
- Buy mini letters for name block
- Paint picture frame
- Find out colors needed for Super Mario themed letters, and buy them
- Create my own recipe book
- Ask about A.'s punch recipe from her wedding cause it was awesome
- Grab leftover newspaper from work for painting

But tomorrow's my day off so I am excited.


Alison@Mama Wants This said...

That is a long list! But writing it down always helps things get done right? Hope your weekend was productive!

Baby Sister said...

That's a lot of things to get done...the cottage reservation sounds nice. :)



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