Monday, March 28, 2011

Bridesmaids Dress and Some Other Things

I made it through my crazy week.

I even made it away from home to visit my friend in another province.

I got to finally try on my bridesmaid dress for her wedding and for the first time saw how pregnant I really look. This is my bridesmaids dress, in the Clover green color. It does not look half as good on that model as it does in real life. I love the dress. The only downside? It It fit very tightly around my ribs, and my belly that's starting to poke out, pokes out too much in that dress. I have to get it altered. It really made my tiny pregnant belly show more than my everyday clothes do. By the time May hits, there will be no hiding it.

I was visiting from Thursday to Sunday, still the weekend went by super fast. It always does.

Here I am, back at work, and it's a busy week here. It was 6.5 hours into my shift before I got to eat at all. Busy busy.

Still, it's nice to be back home and to finally have some free time. I very much enjoyed getting to watch a movie this morning in between some cleaning.

I apologize for the rambly post. Looking at my last few posts, I've barely said a word lately.

But I am back.



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