Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Me, Lately

1. My giveaway ends in less than 48 hours! Hurry up and enter if you haven't already!

2. Nine days in and my NaNoWriMo story is still going strong. I haven't fallen behind at all yet.

3. My boyfriend is kind of mean. You see, he bought me The Sims 3 as a late birthday present. He knows how I'm trying to write a novel this month, and here he is buying me a distraction. I love the Sims. Mine has already had sex woo hoo and had a baby named Charity. I can't get her father to commit though. But I guess that's okay because he's unemployed, a coward, and won't stop playing the guitar.

4. I work two shifts tomorrow - one at each job, but then it's smooth sailing after that. I'm off but paid on Thursday (Remembrance Day), work a short shift on Friday, then off again Saturday.

5. I miss regular blog reading. I'm trying to keep up though.

6. I'm still addicted to Gilmore Girls.

7. My cold is still kicking around, but I'm surviving.

8. I mentioned at the end of this post that if you suggested a line for me to randomly stick into my story, I would tweet about your blog. I am going to do that tonight for all three that suggested a line.

9. Tell me what you've been up to so far this week.


Caro said...

I havent been ding much so far, only yesterday I went to see my godson.

Kristy said...

It's so hard to do it all you know! Nanowrimo, writing, reading blogs, blog posts! I hear ya!

Baby Sister said...

Gilmore Girls is amazing. I hope you start feeling better!! Enjoy the time off of work!!



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