Sunday, October 31, 2010

Another Short Goodbye

Goodbye because I need to spend less time on blogger.

Not for long. Just a month. A month can seem kind of long. 

Six hours from now National Novel Writing Month officially starts for me. Midnight. November 1st. 

Gone are the days when I could spend hours aimlessly creeping facebook and reading blogs. It's officially time to start spending all my free time writing. My novel won't write itself. Actually, it kind of did. 

I know I mentioned my story idea before, and offered to let people read it. The whole idea has changed. 

I am now going to be writing a story I've previously written, from scratch. Exact same idea, characters, scenes, but written completely new, with no looking at the previously written story. 

The first draft was 36,081 words. Many scenes are lame need to be cut out and rewritten. 

It will be a challenge, and also very fun to re-write the story. It is one of very few stories that I've actually written from beginning to end, and they're all from my high school years at best. It is definitely not good writing. 

The fun part will be actually taking my stories and making them better. Readable. I am very excited to start. 

Now, time to outline and research a bit. 

PS: If someone would suggest a great, unique name for a coffee shop, it would help out a lot. 


The Cosmic Horn said...

"The Grindhouse"!

Life Without Pink said...

Wow good luck! I'll have to think of a name...its too late for my brain to work right now :)



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