Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thank you very much!

I'm doing something a bit different today. I am so happy about a few things today, and I am also pretty annoyed at others. Today I am taking part in MannLand5's Thursday 5, where you list 5 things that make you happy, joyful, and so on.

BUT! I am also participating in 'Thank You Very Much' by The Daily Dribbles, which is where you take out your frustations by giving them all a very sarcastic 'Thank you very much'. Sounds perfect to me.

1. I am so happy that my best friend (who wrote that super-sweet post about me!) is coming to visit tomorrow for the weekend! I no longer have to wait another week to see her, like our original plans.

But, to my boss for NOT ONLY not giving me Saturday off like I wished, but making me work Friday night as well. And on top of that, scheduled me to work Thursday morning here, when I wrote on the calendar that I was working at my other job that morning. Thank you very much!

2. I am so excited to finally have a night out with friends tomorrow night. I love a great night of drinks and dancing every now and then. And maybe 'now and then' stands for 'as often as possible'.
It took long enough!

To work, money, friends, and too-busy schedules: thank you very much
for coming between me and my liquor-induced happiness.

3. I am very grateful that the bacon I've cooked two different morning this week has turned out amazing! I love perfect bacon!

But bacon, thank you very much for those lovely grease stains on my pink sweater. Not cool, bacon.

4. I am glad that the new front desk system at work does so many things better than the old. I'm glad with it came a new computer that actually works. And a huge new screen. I no longer feel the need to sit on my own computer in the office. This one is better.

But for making checking people in to the hotel twice as long, I thank you. I really enjoy those awkward pauses waiting for receipts and registration pages to print. I also thank you for making things more confusing and stressful.

5. I am excited to go visit my adorable nephew tomorrow (on my day off!) with my mother.

But to my sister: Thank you very much for moving an hour away! My nephew should be here, closer to his aunt. There is no need for him to be so far away, just so he can live with his mother, father, and near his grandparents.That is absurd!

Hope you guys have a fantastic weekend!


leigh ashley said...

this is great venassa! i hope you have a wonderful weekend with your nephew and friends!!

Kmama said...

Thanks for linking up. your blog design is sooo cute.

I'm sorry you have to work when you requested off. That's a bummer for sure!

I laughed so hard at this thank you: "To work, money, friends, and too-busy schedules: thank you very much for coming between me and my liquor-induced happiness." So true!!



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