Friday, May 7, 2010

Alfabetical Friday!

I've been fiddling around with Photoshop today, since boyfriend of mine got a bunch of brushes for me. It's amazing what it can do, but my God is it ever frustrating. 

This creepy thing is what I made while trying out some of my new paintbrushes. I call it 'Bloody Army'. 

This was a very sad an attempt at a new blog header. I need more practice.

I'm not very crafty with Photoshop so far.

BUT, I bought a little shelf today at Value Village, which will be perfect to hold DVDs and such. I bought a little bottle of tan paint (maybe regretting the color right now) and I'm going to make it look awesome. Even if I have to buy a different color paint. Can't argue with $0.99 paint. I am freaking in love with Michael's. I could spend thousands of dollars there. They make me want to take up all different kinds of crafting.

I bought some cute-colored scrapbooking paper ($3.49 - sale) and a girly magnetized shopping list and meal planner ($1.50 - regular price) there as well. Cheapy cheapy. Here are my dull webcam shots of the two.

Today is May 7th, and also marks the "one year before wedding" date of my best friend. She is super excited (of course) and so am I for the wedding. Drop by and say hi if you'd like. 

I'm going to take part in something new this Friday. (It IS Friday, I think.)

The letter is:

i care... too much about my future
i create... pretty shelves and ugly things on Photoshop
i cook... microwaveable mac n cheese.. and maybe not even that
i cuddle... with my body pillow, usually
i can...figure out how to make cool things on Photoshop!

: )

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leigh ashley said...

i love your answers!! :) are you learning how to use photoshop? i totally wish i had that program!! it's just so darn expensive!!



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