Saturday, January 16, 2010

Crazy kids with mini hockey sticks

It's one of those crazy nights at the hotel.

This is the situation:
  • There are 4 hockey teams
  • Approximately 60 boys. I'd estimate their ages to be 7-10
  • About 40 mini hockey sticks
  • One playroom

The teams are fighting. There was a meeting room open from earlier that hadn't yet been cleaned. Meaning there were sandwiches still out. They were throwing them at each other. They're still talking extremely loudly in the stairs, because another team won't let them in and play. A parent is here telling them all the be quiet, and she is my hero. I did not want to get in the middle of so many little boys with sticks arguing.

Besides that it's just your typical Saturday night at work.

I had a pretty nice past two days. I almost completely organized the kitchen to my liking. I sorted all my summer clothes into a bin, giving me a lot of extra closet space. I bought a couple things to better organize my scrapbooking stuff. I mopped a couple of floors. A perfectly organized apartment would make me so happy.

I just got out of the shower this morning when that boy of mine told me to hurry up and get ready cause he had stuff planned. He took me to eat at Boston Pizza. I was disapointed that you can't get the $9 bundles on weekends, cause that was what I wanted, but it was still nice to go out and eat with him. We did a quick browse through the mall before going back home.

I only have to survive a 3-hour morning shift tomorrow, then I'm off until Tuesday night. I am quite looking forward to it.

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