Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Resolutions

I worked 4-12am last night, and now 8-4 this morning. I only got to bed around 1am, and Bill woke me up this morning around 6. I swear my alarm was going off for 10 minutes before I could move to shut it off this morning.

I'm kind of cranky. I realized that when a cute little girl asked me for a pool towel, and it felt like such an inconvenience to me. I would just do anything for some sleep.

Which is why I'm pretty excited that I have a few days off for Christmas, and because Bill works Boxing day, we have to come back Christmas night. So I get a couple of days to sleep in and get caught up on cleaning and such. I just want a bit of lazy time.

I've already made a resolution or two, so I'm going to make a list, right here right now.

2010 New Year Resolutions
  1. Work less
  2. Make more time for better meals
  3. Talk to people more
  4. Make longer visits home
  5. Walk more
  6. Spend less money on things I don't need
  7. Eat out less
  8. Experience life more
  9. Travel somewhere new
  10. Enjoy more of the little things

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