Sunday, December 20, 2009

2009 Picture Recap (Jan-April)

2009 Recap

I had the best New Year's eve with all my favorite people.

Ashley, me and Melanie

The boys

Scott and Richie "fighting"

Me and Tyson dancing at the Delta

We got snowed in New Year's day

My adorable nephew turned a year old

We went for a trip to Fredericton where I modeled a sexy vest

Girls got scary

And a flamingo was sacrificed in the shower

I spent a lot of good times with my cutie

And fell in love with downtown Charlottetown

I had one of the sickest weekends of my life, but still the best. This is our casual photo shoot at Zellers.

I 'lived life' with Scott and we traced me.

Aren't we cute?

I hung on the ceiling from sometime in March, until we moved out at the end of August. Who knew she'd become such a big part of me and Scott's lives.

Me and Ashley had a fun, and sometimes not so fun, Easter weekend in PEI and in Moncton

Where we also ate at Pizza Delight with RP

And near the end of April, I met the boyfriend

July - August coming soon.

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