Monday, April 2, 2012

I miss pictures

I never take pictures anymore. 

I take a  decent amount of Chloe, but that's to be expected, and even then I take less than I ever thought I would of her. But I never take pictures of anything or anyone else anymore. 

I got depressed a couple of years ago when I broke my 'bar' camera, the camera I used to drag with me when I was drinking to document everything. I used to have photos of every drunk night I ever had. Every trip to the beach. Every. Little. Thing. 

I think this is the last photo I took during a night with friends. More than 5 months ago, the first night I drank after having Chloe. 

Usually, I don't even think about pulling out a camera. I have a camera phone for any photo emergencies, but even my digital camera is always in my purse but never gets any use. It makes me sad.

Sad, because I had a wonderful weekend and no proof of it. My friend was visiting for the weekend, and even though we said we'd take a nice picture of her and Chloe, we never did. Not one picture was taken of her the entire weekend. 

I also went to a party with my boyfriend and his friends this weekend. I had so much fun, but again, no pictures. 

I used to take pictures with everyone I met, strangers I'd never see again, anyone. Yet I have this boyfriend that I've been dating for two months and we have one picture together. That I didn't take. That I'll probably never see because it was taken about a month ago with someone's phone. It's so unlike me. 

I miss having tons of photos of everything I do, but it's nice to finally be actually enjoying life, instead of simply documenting it. 

My goal for the summer is to take lots more pictures. Of Chloe, but not just Chloe. 


Stephanie said...

I feel the same way! I never thought I would be one of those people on FB that you could tell exactly when they had a baby just by looking at their pictures, but I am so that person now. But ya know what, no one ever comments on the few pictures I post of me and other friends, only the ones of Chloe. Oh well, she's cuter than me anyway. :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

I still haven't stopped taking a million pictures of everything. I just love them and have a camera for every occasion :)

Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

Just do it! You end up with so many, but why not? Photos are awesome :)

Baby Sister said...

I need to get better at taking pictures too. I've slacked on that one for a few years. Good luck. :)

Jayme said...

I carry a point & shoot in my purse and rarely use it.

I think you should blog about what happened between you and Chloe's dad and of course all about the new guy :)



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