Monday, April 9, 2012

Chloe is half of a year old

Weight: 12lbs 15oz

Height: 26 inches

Diapers: This is the last package of size 1's that I will ever buy you. You're moving on to size 2's as soon as we run out. They're getting snug. 

Clothing: I think I need to move you up from size 6 month or 3-6 month pjs. You're too long for them. You're too long for 0-3 month pants as well, but most 0-3 month shirts are still a little loose on you. You have started fitting into a few smaller 3-6 month pants and shirts. It's about time. 

Looks: Maybe it's an illusion, but it seems like your hair is filling out the tiniest little bit. 

Feeding: You're easier to feed than you used to be, but you still like to push away the bottle, regardless of if you're hungry or not. You still have mostly 5oz bottles, with a few 6oz bottles thrown in here and there. For your middle of the night bottle it's usually about 6.5oz, but you don't always finish. You finally started cereal on March 15th. Just this week (first week of April) you've finally stopped pushing it out of your mouth immediately. While I do still have to force the spoon in most of the time, you usually finish the bowl. You're only eating about a tablespoon of the cereal each night either before bed or right before your bath. You've tried prunes (to try to help you #2, but it didn't seem to make a difference) and carrots (because Mommy wanted to see if it was just cereal you weren't interested in, or all food. Turns out you seems to dislike carrots more than cereal). You won't be eating any food other than cereal for a little while yet, because you need all the formula calories you can get. 

Sleeping: You sleep like a champ in your crib, and have an even nicer, new crib coming this month. Lately you've started waking up around 7:45-8:30am every morning, regardless of when I put you to bed. I miss sleeping in, but this makes our daily routine easier. Now you nap around 10-11, and again around 3-4, and I usually have you in bed around 8:30-9. You wake up once through the night to eat. Sometimes you wake up, but a few times lately I've woken up around 4am and got you up myself to make sure you have your middle of the night bottle. 

Talking: Finally, in the past week (first week of April) you've started babbling actual sounds - baba, mama, dada, rara. You still screech, growl and blow bubbles but your babbling is my favorite. You laugh quite a bit easier than you used to. You've been doing a funny 'panting' thing lately, more so if you're trying to get someone's attention and get them to play with you. For awhile you were purposely coughing a lot, and loved it when we coughed back but you seem to have stopped that a week or so ago. 

Moving: You still don't care to roll over on your belly or from your belly to your back. You hate being on your belly, and don't always try to move much so you might be a late crawler. I'm in no rush. You've got some strong legs, and if you had the balance you could support yourself for a few seconds. You can sit up on your own with a little bit of support, no problem, but without something behind you, you throw yourself backwards almost immediately. You'll sit up alone a little longer if we can interest you in a toy. 

Social: You still sometimes cry for strangers, but only if they get too close too quick. You recently cried because of your nurse, Jimmy, and Melanie. Usually you'll smile and flirt with strangers if they talk to you from your car seat. Maybe you feel safer in there. You're a huge flirt though, and it usually doesn't take anything at all to get you to smile. Sometimes people don't even need to be paying attention to you and you smile at them. Just because you're such a sweetie. 

Teeth: My most exciting (to me) news. I noticed your first tooth on April 3rd (bottom middle left), and already on April 6th your second tooth (the other bottom middle tooth). You were a tiny bit fussier, but I never noticed any reaction to the teeth until April 6th. Usually you're a whiner, but this time you were actually crying a little. I gave you a little medicine and you were perfectly happy again until bedtime. 

You're growing up way too fast for my liking. You're still so much fun, and I still sometimes feel a little sad when it's already time to put you to bed. I wish time would slow down just a little bit so I could enjoy you a little longer. 


Stephanie said...

What a sweetheart! That's fun that she's got teeth coming in already, and glad to hear they don't seem to bother her too much. Those sweet babbles they make are just the cutest.

SG to SP said...

Aww what a sweet little princess you have. I wish Hunter would sleep as well as her. He was doing better until the past week or so when he wants to eat every few hours at night, I think he's going through another growth spurt. Apparently I'm raising a future linebacker.



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