Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I think clothing is shrinking

This is me. Or this was me December 2010. Since then I got knocked up, gained almost 40lbs, had a baby and got rid of those 40lbs. I also got rid of my tolerance for clothes that are even a little bit clingy - that shirt included. 

As I pulled each new shirt out of storage from when I was pregnant, almost each one bothered me. Ask my mother, I started wearing the same blue striped shirt almost everyday. Finally I got out and bought a few new pieces of clothing. 

At one particular store, I previously owned clothing that were size small. This time around, I bought a medium. I didn't bother trying it on because, hey - it was a size medium, where I used to wear extra-small. How could it not fit? 

Well, it fits, perfectly, but if it shrinks even in the slightest with washing, it will probably be a little uncomfortable. And I'm finding that this is happening too often since I've started buying new clothes. 

With that being said, how it is possible that we are living in a world where I am a barely a size medium, tipping more into the 'large' scale. I am not large. I barely weight 100lbs. Before clothing shrunk so much, I could fit into children's extra-large, so how did I suddenly jump to be almost a size large in women's?

And with that being said, who the hell fits into extra-small? Small children? Because they have their own clothing. Women's clothing should be made to fit real women. 

So dear clothing manufacturers - learn how to size clothing properly. 


Nicole J @ Pampers and Pumps said...

You are super tiny Ness! I hate clothes shopping, its just depressing.

Baby Sister said...

Yes, yes, yes. I HATE clothing sizes. They irritate me. So much.



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