Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Year Excitement

I've never been so excited for a New Year's eve. Which means the night is doomed. Things you look forward to this much, always such. Or maybe that's just my inner pessimist. Either way, I just can't wait and I'm trying to ignore my feelings of pending doom.

Almost all my best friends are going to be there, as well as my boyfriend. I love my dress, and FINALLY I think it matches a pair of shoes that I love but never get to wear. Yeah, small things make me happy.

On top of that happiness, I found $32 in my make-up bag from my last night out that I forgot about. I still have most of my 4 gift cards to spend. I only have a total of 11 hours of work left before New Year's eve. And my brother's girlfriend brought up her really good curling iron for me to use that night.

Yeah, overall I'm a pretty happy girl.

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