Yours Truly

I'm Venassa. I'm in my mid-twenties now and I'm from Canada. I am the (stay at home) mother of a little girl born September 25, 2011. Motherhood is all they say it is: challenging, wonderful, the best thing I'll ever do. 

I work in a hotel, but am still deciding what I'd actually like to do with my future. I'm also obsessed with crafting. Anything you can do with paper is my favorite. Scrapbooking was my first love, but these days I'm more in love with card making. 

Other things I love are reading, writing, pigging out on junk food, listening to music - especially country music, and making memories with the important people in my life. 

My blog is about me. I'm not trying to fit into the mommy blog category, or turn into a crafting blog. It's just about me, my life and what I love. I might be a new mom and new obsessed crafter, but I'm still me.

I recently created a new blog, and you can find up to date posts over there at A Life of Our Own


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