Tuesday, July 31, 2012

New Blog

I started a new blog. 

I told a few people, mostly those who's email addresses I had somewhere within my mess of emails. So if you didn't get the email, I apologize. I wanted to tell everyone, but I didn't want to post the link here, and I'm still not going to. So if you'd like the link, either comment here with your email address, or send me an email  (venassa_ @ hotmail . com).

It's basically the same blog, in a new spot, but with a little more honesty. I found more often than not I was holding back on here, and that's why I never wanted to blog. I still find myself not always having much time to blog, but at least I try. 

So email me. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

A long string of bad luck

By the time this evening rolls around, I will have completed an entire week of bad luck. 

It all started last Friday night. I had the flu. My biggest fear is getting sick and it happened. Several times. Once Saturday morning. 

I honestly thought there wasn`t anything that could happen that would top that.

I tried to catch up on sleep, but that didn`t work out. Chloe`s been a bit crankier than usual, and has been waking up usually twice a night these past couple of nights. That I could handle, even though it hasn`t been fun, exactly. I made a 4 hour trip with boyfriend and two babies, which his mostly slept through and mine mostly whined through. 

And still the week went downhill from there. 

On the way to work Wednesday morning, my car started smoking. We thought it just needed anti-freeze. The anti-freeze leaks out fast enough to leave a trail when the car moves. Thus, I am car-less for now, and will have to pay to get it fixed. 

I have less than a week before I have a lot of travelling to do for a wedding and its preparations. I have prescriptions to be picked up, we need milk, and the only person I have to rely on during daytime hours is my sister, who is about as reliable is a child. 

Boyfriend has helped out in ways that he can, but his work schedule, while lovely for spending time together, has changed so that he`s gone early enough in the morning, and finishes work just as Chloe goes to bed.

I`m getting headaches just trying to figure everything out, and praying that it doesn`t cost so much that it uses up all my savings. 

It`s kind of like the harder I try to get ahead, the further I get behind. I wish this streak of bad luck would end already.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Chloe is 8 months old!

8 months old as of May 25

Weight: 14lbs 8oz as of June 5

Height: Will need to measure. 

Diapers: Still in size 2s. It might be my imagination but they seem to be getting smaller on you

Feeding: You went through a spurt where you hated drinking your bottle, then went through a spurt where you hated your baby food. You seem to be finally getting over the baby food hate today (June 5th). As of June 4th we started you on half of your soy formula and half regular formula since it won't be long before you should be drinking regular milk anyway. You're adjusting well so far. 

Don't eat more food as in quantity, but you've tried a few new foods. Mangoes, turkey, chicken dinners (which include lentils, parsnips, potatoes), creamed corn. You're still not a fan of any solid food like your baby treats, mum mums or even real banana. We'll try some again soon.

Sleeping: For a couple of weeks your were up twice a night, every night. Then you lowered it to once a night, which I prefer. Then finally, for the first time in a long time you slept through the night once or twice. You usually go to bed around 7:30-8:30 and wake up around 8 lately. It works good for us. You sometimes fight your second nap to the point where you've missed it twice. That makes for a long, cranky evening so hopefully you'll co-operate more for a little while longer.

Talking: You growl like crazy lately. You still say all your little words and squeals. Your talking hasn't changed much lately. 

Moving: You're a great sitter now. I can sit you down almost anywhere and you don't fall. I don't leave you sitting on the floor alone, just in case, but I will leave you on your big foam puzzle pieces. You sit up on your own all the time now, by pushing yourself backwards until you're completely upright. You're usually sitting in bed when I have to go get you. When you're on your hands and knees you reach forward a lot, but no leg movement yet.

Social: Same as before - you're still a big flirt but sometimes still get scared of strangers. 

Teeth: No new ones this month, but I've noticed and increase in drool and crankiness so maybe soon. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Chloe Plays with her Food

There are so many big Chloe milestones happening lately, but I haven't even done her 8 month update yet, and they've all happened SINCE the 8 month cut off. So my OCD won't let me talk about them yet. But they are awesome. 

Once thing that hasn't been awesome lately is her hate of baby food. For a few days, she decided she was done with her bottle. She would drink it through the night, but that was that. She got over that, but now wants nothing to do with her baby food. Today she is finally getting better, but it's been almost a week of fighting with her to eat. 

Yesterday, after trying and failing to feed her supper, I gave up, stripped off her clothes and let her play with her food. I had hopes that she'd put her hands in her mouth and at least eat some of it, but no luck. She did have fun for awhile though.

The beginning - just a little mess

Hard at work

Having so much fun! 

Making a mess is hard work

Good times all around. 

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Handmade card & Etsy Shop: VB Creations

As of yesterday I officially re-opened my Etsy shop, VB Creations, selling my handmade cards. My inventory is still quite low, but features four never-been-seen cards, with a couple more to be added hopefully today. 

For a limited time I'm offering a 20% discount to any readers of this blog with the coupon code "bestdaysblog". The coupon code will be available for use until the end of June. 

I'm also interested in doing custom orders, which will also be subject to the 20% discount until it expires. 

If nothing else, thanks for taking a look :)



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