Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Wish List

I've seen them all over. Christmas wish lists. I wanted to make my own extravagant list, so here it is.

1. Sony Reader  - $149.99 for Touch Edition on
2. A good portrait lens for my Nikon D3000
3. House season six - $34.99 on
4 + 5 -  Approx $40 each at Dynamite
6. Mini Shopaholic - Sophie Kinsella - $14.62 on
7. Any HD tv
8. Any tripod for my Nikon
9. Desperate Housewives season 6 - $35.99 on
10. How I Met Your Mother season 5 - $18.99 on


Baby Sister said...

Oh yeah...I could totally go with 1,2,3,7, and 8...except I would need the camera too. :)

laughwithusblog said...

It would be nice wouldn't it? )

Joey Lynn Resciniti said...

I love How I Met Your Mother! I hope you get all your heart desires this Christmas!

Kristy @Loveandblasphemy said...

Great list. I should have posted about my wish list so that all family who read my blog would have NO EXCUSES for what to buy me! Bwa, ha, ha! I love catching up with good TV/cable seasons on DVD too. I think those make great presents.

a. said...

Very nice list, make sure to let us know what you get :)



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